UCSF Neurosurgery Biorepository

Histology and Pathology Services

The Neurosurgery Biorepository and Pathology Core provides a range of histology and pathology services to members of the Brain Tumor Research Center and to other UCSF investigators.

Services include:

  • Processing and embedding of fixed tissues
  • Preparation of unstained sections: paraffin and frozen
  • H&E staining
  • Immunostaining services, including immunohistochemistry, immunofluorescence, and multiplex immune
  • In situ hybridization, including RNAscope
  • DNA and RNA isolation
  • Pathology evaluation
  • Immunostaining quantification

To submit samples for processing:

  1. Complete the Histology and Pathology Services Request Form.
  2. List unique identifiers for each sample
  3. Indicate desired processing, embedding, quantity and thickness of section, types of staining, etc.
  4. Include DPA and Fund number or Speedtype. (Recharge Rates)
  5. Bring samples along with the completed form to 1450 3rd Street, HD425 by Wednesday, 3pm for the weekly processing run. Samples should be in 70% ETOH in cassettes and labeled in pencil. 


Immunostaining Services

The Core uses Ventana Benchmark Ultra and Discovery Ultra automated instruments to perform immunostaining on human and model-system tissues. The Core has optimized over 100 single-plex and multi-plex assays. Please inquire for details.  


IHC Charges

Please see Recharge Rates for full list of detailed pricing. 

UCSF Dept. of Pathology investigators should contact the Manager directly about pricing.